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About me

I’m an Open Source Developer, sharing with the community some of my personal work so then others can use them as a base for their ideas or as a a future inspiration, as well as, contributing to several Open Source Projects.

I like to share my discoveries and learning with others, by posting new content in my Blog or speaking in many local meetups and conferences about web development.

While I’m not coding I tend to share my thoughts in my Non-Tech Blog. In case you want to reach out to me, you can contact me via email.

Ema Suriano



en Is it time for framework-agnostic apps?

Time to talk about Astro: the new way to build framework agnostic applications. Explaining the concept of island architecture, along with the possibility of using any framework within the same app (react, angular, vue, etc.), or nothing!

en From create-react-app to create-any-app

Same company, lots of teams, different technologies, developers battling outdated dependencies and copying scripts and configuration files all over multiple projects? Does this sound familiar to you?

en Runtime Types Validation in Typescript

Sometimes using types inside our application, it's not enough to make sure that it won't break on runtime. Because of that, we see ourselves forced to write validation for our entities manually. In this talk, I want to present a way that you can generate validators for all your types in your application automatically, and how to integrate this into your development workflow.